Please note:


Being a small boutique company, we only offer Microwave and Dishwasher Installations at this time.


Proper installation ensures that your appliance will not only look good but will also work efficiently and safely. Some very important things like properly leveling and securing your appliance can have it not only look and work better but also last longer.


We view Appliance Installation as an Art.  You can't just throw an appliance into place, it takes time to make sure it is installed perfectly.  And it should be, it is going to be in that same spot for at least the next decade!


Our installation prices are as follows:


1. Install client supplied Over The Range Microwave: $ 199.00

2. Install client supplied Dishwasher: $ 199.00


This includes the time to travel to the house, install your new dishwasher or microwave, and remove and dispose of the old unit  


If you need a new water supply line, power cord, or granite mounts, we carry them on the truck in various sizes and are in addition to the above stated price.


Call to schedule your dishwasher or microwave installation today!