About Us:

Smart Choice Appliance is a Family owned and operated company.


 It was founded on three principles:

Professionalism, Honesty and Exceptional Customer Service.


How does this benefit you?




We are certified by the E.P.A (www.epa.gov) to repair fridges, freezers and ice machines and to handle the refrigerants used in these appliances.  We are also proud members of the United Servicers Association, a trade group designed to educate and train Appliance Repair Companies.  See their website at www.unitedservicers.com


Professionalism involves more than just having the best trained technicians.  A professional is discreet, a great communicator, punctual, and trustworthy.  




We will never have any hidden charges. Due to the nature of our ever-changing and often complicated industry, it is impossible to give truly free estimates and we feel it is dishonest to say so.


We do not offer a “free service charge with repair” because we have found that practice actually forces companies to inflate their repair prices. If a repair is needed, they will cover the cost for your “free” diagnosis by charging you a higher repair rate or sometimes have you pay for unnecessary repairs. Or, if a repair is not needed, you may be surprised to learn that their base diagnostic charge can sometimes be higher than what we charge for that same service. Don’t be fooled by this practice. These companies still have to cover the cost of sending a technician out to your home plus the time it will take to find out what is wrong with the appliance – you are still paying for this service even if it is hidden in your repair cost.


Instead, we simply itemize the cost out for you so that you are always informed and in control. Our low and affordable diagnostic fee gives you peace of mind knowing that your appliance and your home are in the hands of a trained, certified technician who will accurately diagnose the problem. We will never recommend work that you do not need. If a repair is needed, you can feel at ease knowing that the price quoted is fair and based on exactly the work needed and nothing else. 


Exceptional Customer Service: 


Our goal is that your experience with us will be the best you have ever had with an appliance service company.   We wear latex gloves to keep the inside and outside of your appliances clean while we service them.  We always clean up after ourselves, and always strive to make our customers comfortable.


We offer a 1 year parts and labor warranty on all our installed parts repairs, giving you peace of mind. And, we always explain the repairs that are needed and any options in full detail so our customers are not left in the dark.


These are just a few things that we do day in and day out to provide you with exceptional service!



Meet the Owners:

Luke and his wife Tina founded Smart Choice Appliance in 2012 with the goal of providing exceptional Appliance Repair in their community.  See Luke's technical qualifications below:


Luke D. Klischuk

Service Manager / Certified Master Appliance Technician


Skill or specialty: Specializes in Whirlpool, Kitchen-Aid, Maytag, General Electric, Frigidaire, and most Kenmore home appliances.  Skilled and trained in most other brands.


Years of field experience: 20 years


Awards: Graduated with Honors from SIAST (1998-2000)    www.gosiast.com




1. SIAST Certificate in Appliance Repair (Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, now Sask PolyTechnic)

2. Professional Service Association (P.S.A) Master Certified Appliance Technician, ISO 17024

3. E.P.A Certified to handle Refrigerants used in Refrigerators, Wine Coolers, and Ice Machines