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Do you really need to maintain your appliances?


Most people know that they have to clean their dryer vents. This is the ducting inside your home's walls that carries the moist air from the inside of your dryer to the outside of your house. However, many people never really think to have their dryer itself de-linted or cleaned out.


This picture shows the inside of a 3-year-old LG Dryer. If you look closely, the rectangular box on the right side of the dryer is actually the heater box. If you look at the lint on top of it, it has already started to turn brown and burn!


We use our appliances a lot here in the Florida, and we often don't notice them until they break. We recommend clean and service your Dryer every 1-2 years if you use it a lot, and every 3 years if you only do one load a week.


Contact us if you would like to book a service call. This way, you ensure the protection of your appliances, your home, and most importantly you and your family.



Luke D. Klischuk

Service Manager/ Certified Master Technician


How can I choose the right appliance for me?


Major Appliances are a big purchase, and the experience of buying a new unit can be stressful.  There is a lot of choice out there, with so many different brands, features and finishes.


What can you do to make such a big purchase a smart purchase? Check out this great article that has some excellent points!  Note the points about not choosing a unit that has features you will probably never use.


As always, I hope this helps you make a Smart Choice!




Luke D. Klischuk

Service Manager/ Certified Master Technician



What is the best way to clean a dirty microwave?


Almost all of us have a microwave in our homes.  And why wouldn't we?  They are inexpensive, work fast and are actually very reliable.  But they can make a mess even if you do cover your food.


Because of how fast the food is cooked, it can splatter all over the inside your microwave.  And you have to be careful cleaning the unit.  Using an abrasive brush can take the finish off the inside of the microwave which can cause the unit to arc electricity and potentially destroy the microwave. 


Also, if you use a chemical cleaner, (even something like Windex) you have the potential of releasing that chemical into your food or air through the cooking process.


The best and safest way to clean your microwave is found in this article.


 VERY IMPORTANT!  Please make sure to follow the directions carefully and let the unit stand after the heating process mentioned in Step 4!


To a clean, safe and healthy home!



Luke D. Klischuk

Service Manager/ Certified Master Technician



New or used?


Should you buy a new or a used washer? New appliances are not made to last, period.  The manufacturers may not like to admit it, but it is true.  Sometimes, it may be worth it to purchase a used unit, either from a used appliance dealer or on-line from a homeowner.  


Check out this great article on Angie's List about this very topic.


It also makes a convincing case for keeping your older, more reliable units running by either routine maintenance or actual repairs.


Make the smart choice for the environment and your wallet by repairing or recycling old appliances!




Luke D. Klischuk

Service Manager/ Certified Master Technician


What is the best brand of appliance to buy?


What brand of Appliance should I purchase?  Which ones are the best?


This is a question we get asked almost every day.  There really is a lot to choose from in the market, and that huge amount of choice makes it hard to settle on an appliance.


Essentially there are only a few main players in the Standard Appliance Market.  You have the big American Brands, like Whirlpool, General Electric, and Frigidaire. (Maytag no longer exists by itself, it was bought out by Whirlpool years ago.)


For the Imported brands, you have LG, Samsung, and Bosch. 


The American Companies have many other distinct brands just like the Car companies do.  Whirlpool has Kitchen-Aid as it's Premier Brand, just like Toyota has Lexus as it's Premier Brand, Frigidaire has Electrolux, and Maytag has Jenn-Air.  Bosch has Thermador and Gaggenau.


These are all good companies to purchase from.  As a rule of thumb, there is no one company that is better than everyone else in their full line of Appliances, so it is really hard to recommend just one brand.


However, here is a list of good standard appliances, with good repair rates and affordable parts prices.











Of course, this is just a basic list of appliances, and things do change.


** (Please note: This list is not an endorsement of the above listed appliances and no guarantee is implied by listing these appliances. These are just brands that I have found work great and are affordable to repair. All appliances usually come with a 1 years Parts and Labor warranty, so whatever brand you pick, it will be free to fix for the first year.)


Hope this helps!


Luke D. Klischuk

Service Manager / Certified Master Technician



Winter time is cooking time!  How can you make the most of the season?


Winter is on its way and with that can come more time in the kitchen.  What can you do to make the most of your appliances?


Here are just a few tips that can go a long way to ensuring a smooth cooking season!


1. With your oven, check the door seal to see that it is soft and pliable and not torn in any areas.  This keeps the heat in the oven where it is needed.


2. Check to see that your oven door closes tightly.  If it doesn't close with a nice firm motion, you may need your hinges replaced.  Again, if it doesn't close properly, you are losing valuable energy and heating up your kitchen, not your food.


3. Many people have fridges that do not have digital displays telling them what the temperature is in their fridge.  With the high cost of food these days, it pays to have your fridge cool properly so your food doesn't spoil quickly.  In the fresh food side,  you are looking for a very precise 33-38 Degrees F temperature.  Any lower, your food freezes, too high and your food spoils way too soon.  Buy a temperature gauge or sensor like the one pictured.  They are not expensive and will likely save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in wasted food!


4. Are your dishes coming out dirty from your dishwasher? No one has time for that, especially in the busy winter season. Don't put up with mediocre washing results. Your dishwasher was designed to clean the dishes perfectly. You may just need better soap as I wrote in a previous post. But, if you tried new soap and you are still getting poor wash results, you most likely need a servicing of the dishwasher. Many times all it needs is a simple inexpensive cleaning and servicing. Get it fixed now before your guests arrive!


If you have any issues with your cooking, cooling or cleaning appliances, give us a call.  We focus on providing smart, logical solutions to your appliance problems. 


Luke D. Klischuk

Service Manager / Certified Master Technician



Dishes still dirty?  Try this!


Don't you just hate it when your dishes don't come out clean from the dishwasher?  It is seriously aggravating, we know!  Well, the dishwasher may need maintenance or even a repair.  But, it also could be your detergent!


That's right, a simple change of detergent can take your dishwasher from a loser to a winner in one cycle! Consumer Reports Magazine Oct 2013 just came out and confirmed what we have been telling our customers. The winner?  Cascade Complete Action Pacs.  


One disclaimer though. Don't be tempted to stock up on these little guys.  They have a shelf life once the bag is opened of only 30 days, so buy the 16 or 26 size, not the monster 100 size that they sell at the big Warehouse stores.  You will end up wasting your money.  So pick them up every 2 weeks or month and get back to loving your dishwasher.  Enjoy!


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