Why it makes sense to Repair your Appliance / Our Fees:


Is my appliance worth fixing?

More than ever, people are asking that. The answer: 


Most of the time it is! 

Here are few things to think about:


1. Newer  appliances are designed to fail far sooner than the average appliance built before the year 2006.  Most brand-new appliances now are only built to last 5-8 years, with only a few exceptions. Factory representatives have actually told us that!


The old saying “They just don’t make them like they used to! is absolutely true.  Unless your appliance is totally rusted and falling apart, it is always a good idea to invest in the diagnostic fee and have a professional assess the appliance.



2.  Many repairs are simple wiring repairs or even not related to the appliance!
Many times, all you may need is a simple adjustment, leveling or a small repair like replacing burnt wiring, removing debris from a pump and so forth. We have even fixed appliances for the cost of the Diagnostic Fee! We can quickly diagnose the problem for you and then let you know if it is worth fixing. 


3. Will replacing my appliance cost me more than just the cost of the new appliance and installation?  Consider that many wall ovens and cook tops built into cabinets or counter tops are not standard sizes. Each manufacturer builds them differently and then changes the sizes every few years. So, you may have to renovate or replace existing cabinets or counter tops just for that new appliance!


4. Would replacing my appliance cost far more than to repair it?  Built-In and Premier brands such as Kitchen Aid, GE Monogram, etc have very large price tags. Some built-in refrigerators have price tags of $12,000 plus installation. These models are always worth repairing. Many other appliances can cost upwards of $3000 to $6,000.  In only very rare cases are these appliances not worth fixing.


5. New Appliances take much longer to wash your clothes and dishes.  Because of strict government standards, manufacturers have had to radically design appliances. In so doing, many washing machines now can take 1-2 hours to do a load! Also, dishwashers have really changed and can take 2-3 hours to clean your dishes and then sometimes not even that well! So, if you have an older washer or dishwasher that looks to be in decent shape, don't get rid of it so fast. It most likely is far better than what you could replace it with.


6. Protect the enviroment. The manufacturing of Appliances generates enormous amounts of air and land pollution.  And then, keep in mind the cost of the disposal of your current unit.  By repairing your current appliance, you can help keep our planet cleaner and healthier!


7. Support your local economy. By hiring a local appliance company, you help put dollars back into our local economy, which in turn helps our county and state pay for services.  By buying new equipment, we sometimes support large International companies that do not support our local economy at all.



How much will it cost to have your appliance diagnosed?



Our standard travel and diagnostic fee is $129.00.

(We do charge a $149.00 fee for wine coolers, trash compactors, ice machines and any appliances built into cabinets or countertops because these units can take far longer to diagnose.)



The diagnostic fee covers the time and travel expenses for the technician to come to your home and then accurately diagnose what is wrong with your appliance.


It can take as little as 5 minutes or hours in some cases especially if we need to do research or contact the Factory. Most of the time, it will usually take the technician 15-30 minutes to find the problem. However, since it is a flat rate, you only pay the price quoted on the website or on the phone for the diagnosis.


Once he finds the problem, the technician will give you an up-front no obligation quote for the repair. He will also tell you if it is worth repairing or if it is better to purchase a new unit. In many instances, the appliance just needs a simple repair!

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